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㈜제이에스픽쳐스 하반기 제작 작품 공개오디션 진행

‘청춘 공감 드라마’ 주조연 배우 大선발 오디션 지원대상 : 2-30대 남녀 (지망생, 신인, 기성배우 불문) 접수처 : 접수 방법 : 위의 접수처에서 지원 양식 다운로드 후 작성·제출 ※‘초년의 맛’과 같은 자신만의 ‘맛’스토리가 있다면 소개해주세요※ (해당 접수처 ‘첨부파일’로 접수(선택사항, 자유양식기재)) •전형 절차 1차 – 서류접수…

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[Jobs made known producers] Smoke guidance documents of selected candidates

We thank you for making the producers support open adoption. It seems you've been published all results. July 4, 2014 through the website [Producers Production Jobs] Notification of selected candidates, but was due to be published, Examination results are released into the smoke became slow. Successful applicants have changed the date of publication July 14, 2014(월) It is. After publishing the website, For details of individual…

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2014JS Pictures production producers Careers years

  [2014JS Pictures production producers Careers years] 21Drama century culture industry leading manufacturer in JS Pictures to recruit new and experienced employees 1 recruitment sector and qualifications 2. 고용형태 – 3After months of full-time conversion by intern 3. 전형절차 – 1차 : 서류전형 – 2차 : 필기전형, 실무면접 –…

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제1회 제이에스픽쳐스 드라마 극본 공모전 수상 작품 발표

‘제1회 제이에스픽쳐스 드라마 극본 공모전’ 당선작을 아래와 같이 알려드립니다. Pyeonsu competition : 총 175편 ( 연속극 : 11편 / Mini : 164편 ) •수상내역 – 대상 : 당선작 없음 – 최우수상 : 3• 3 car won 50 million won each work choejongsim results of four directors consisting of planners and end-stations…

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The first drama script by JS Pictures released a list of works second pass Competition

"1st drama script by JS Pictures Contest many who appreciate having had to apply for the second pass tell you the following list of works. A total of 175 films 7 Works have been selected through a secondary screening. Final examination is four (4) After examination of the external judges, 3May 31,(월) 14:00 Announcement of final selection will be…

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2014JS Pictures new year 2nd Announcement of employee recruitment and career

1. 2List of successful candidates a written test and interview practice car [Creators] Producers Production (Three guests) Classification Name mobile phone number in the back seat 1. Imgeunho 8356 2. Gongjieun 7473 3. Lee Hyun Woo 8051 [Planning] Producers planning (A total of seven people) Classification Name mobile phone number in the back seat 1. Hong seobin 7717 2. Personal example 1108 3. Kim Hyun 4925…