global entertainment group js pictures

2015 - 2011

2015 08 tvN 금토드라마 <두번째 스무살> Making
05 tvN 금토드라마 <구여친 클럽> Making
01 SBS Drama <황홀한 이웃> Making
2014 08 KBS Drama <Discovery of Love> Making
&nbsp; tvN 일요드라마 <The Three Musketeers> Making
06 KBS Drama <Trot lover> Making
04 MBC drama <Gaegwacheonseon> Making
03 New management department
01 tvN Drama <I need romance 3> Making
2013 08 JTBC Drama <Can not take it anymore.> Making
06 MBC drama <Two Weeks> Making
04 tvN daily drama <Crazy Love> Making
03 tvN Drama <Nine : Nine one-hour trip> Making
&nbsp; OCN mini-series <The virus> Making
02 Special SBS weekend drama <Incarnation of money> Making
2012 06 tvN Drama <I need romance 2012> Making
04 SBS weekend drama <Delicious life> Making
03 tvN drama situation <21Century family> Making
02 SBS Drama <Chohanji salary> Making
2011 08 <Giant> Korea Broadcasting Awards jakgasang, Best Picture Award
06 MBC drama <You're crazy about me> Making, 배급
&nbsp; tvN original drama <I need romance> Making
02 SBS Drama <Midas> Making
01 <Giant> SBS Drama Awards Best Picture award for Best

2010 - 2007

2010 11 <Giant> Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Grand Prix Award for broadcasting
10 <Harvest villa near misses> Korean Drama Awards New Media Awards
05 Drama SBS 20th Anniversary Changsha <Giant> Making
03 tvN original drama <Harvest villa near misses> Making
02 SBS drama <Obstetrics and gynecology> Making
2009 06 KBS weekend drama <Three Brothers> Making
03 MBC sitcom <Tae, Hye Kyo, Amy> Making
2008 12 <Scrounger> Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Grand Prix Award for broadcasting
07 SBS drama <Wokingmam> Making
06 SBS Drama <Scrounger> Making, 배급
05 (주)JS Pictures KOSDAQ reigns sale
04 SBS Drama <I love you> Making, 배급
&nbsp; <경성스캔들> Banff TV Festival, South Korea's first prize for encouragement
2007 10 MBC drama <New Heart> Making
&nbsp; SBS Drama <She was afraid> Making
06 SBS Drama <Mom catch Gangnam> Making
&nbsp; KBS Drama Series <경성스캔들> Making
05 New international division content

2006 - 2003

2006 10 SBS Friday drama <My Love> Making
09 KBS Drama <Cloud stairs> Making
06 MBC Drama <Good luck when> Making
05 Relocation <Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 338-8>
&nbsp; SBS Drama <101번째 프로포즈> Making
02 (주)JS Pictures KOSDAQ
01 Eleven MBC drama series <No love is helpless> Making
2005 12 Cal <Love is Masic> Making
11 KBS Drama Series <Golden Apple> Making
06 Neonbeobeol performance <Frieze> Making
03 MBC Drama <Wonderful Life> Making
2004 11 SBS Drama <Love Story in Harvard> Making
07 SBS Drama Special <Milly is nineteen> Making
05 MBC Drama <Yeonhwado> Making
03 MBC weekend drama <War of the Roses> Making
02 Special SBS <Into the Storm> Making
&nbsp; MBC drama <Tell me love> Making
2003 11 KBS Drama <그녀는 짱> Making
04 SBS Drama Special <술의 나라> Making

2002 - 1999

2002 08 MBC Drama <I love patjwi> Making
&nbsp; SBS Special Drama <Rivals> Making
07 KBS soap opera one day <결혼합시다> Making
03 <피아노> Baek Sang Arts Awards Best Picture Award TV section
2001 07 SBS Drama Special <피아노> Making
06 MBC youth drama <Our house> Making
04 MBC mini-series <Four sisters story> Making
2000 11 SBS weekend danmakgeuk <Medical Center> Making
1999 07 (주)JS Pictures Incorporation